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You Are Not Alone Anymore.

We are here for one reason: to help, regardless of your age. Abuse? Domestic Violence? Internet stalking? Child pornography? Bullying? We are here to help. If you have questions for law enforcement, doctors, or simply those who have suffered similar situations… our forums or chat rooms are always open and welcoming.

For security reasons, everyone here is anonymous except for one of our founders, Cat LeDevic. Some of you know her as Jokerette: the in-your-face owner of Jokers Updates for 11 years, and a victim of severe abuse for the last 5. Why disclose such a shameful, closely-held secret in public? Our hope is that at least one person will think, “No way. If so, what about my sister/neighbor/friend? Those red flags… but it seemed impossible.  Now ‘Ette??? At least a thousand times less likely… now I have to act.”

If Cat can take the enormous step of sharing such painful and shameful details with many thousands (when any reference to that period triggers her severe PTSD into panic attacks that cause a loss of consciousness,) you can  take pride in that large first step, coming to HFA and reading these words.

Simply reaching out can and has saved lives. One current  statistic:

  • One American woman is abused every 7 minutes

A predator’s main mandate is to “isolate.” You, his victim, have no friends, your family is distanced. Even if you could overcome the utter shame long enough to take one step, where do you go?

Now you know that there are countless HFA hands reaching out to help or just listen: no matter when you arrive, you are not alone anymore.

Predators don’t take breaks: neither does HFA.

What doesn't kill you, makes you laugh


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