Welcome to HFA!

You are not alone anymore. We’ve all been there, some of us still are. For security reasons, all but one of our founders are anonymous: me. I’m Cat LeDevic, although you may know me as Jokerette, the in-your-face owner of Jokers Updates for 14 years. A victim of severe abuse for the last 5. Why disclose such a shameful, closely-held secret? Our hope is that at least one person will think, “No way. If so, what about my sister / neighbor / friend? I see red flags, but it seems impossible.”

80% of them are no longer abused if they get an Order of Protection. Often they don’t, because so few are aware of Ex Parte OPs which ensure the abuser is evicted immediately from your home.

We have nation-wide law enforcement & therapists, victims & survivors here to: educate, help, and simply listen and share. Please spread the word quickly, so we can lower these unbelievable statistics.

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