You’re not alone any more.

Are you a victim of abuse or a survivor? We’re here to reach out to you, provide help or a shoulder. We know what it’s like to live in darkness, completely alone. Our main mission is to ensure that far less people do that, and far more reach out for help.

HFA is a secure environment. Everyone here is anonymous, with one rather infamous exception: Cat LeDevic,  one of our founders.  Better known as Jokerette, she’s the ballsy owner of JokersUpdates.com. No one knew that she was a victim of abuse for 6 years, and she is our first “Journey”.

There are real people behind every name here.  It really helps to know that someone has been where you are, and that that person is now a survivor willing to help you do the same. There are relatively unknown legal options such as the Ex Parte Order of Protection which ensures that your predator is out of your house that same day.

Kick back, have a cup of tea and explore. We have live chat If you’d like to talk now, or our forums where you can request advice from law enforcement, medical or other professionals.

Again, you are no longer alone.

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You're not alone anymore

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